A new psychiatrist to start in the new year


January 8, 2024


A new psychiatrist to start in the new year


Goderich, ON— January 8, 2024 — The Huron Health System is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Peter Dixon, a distinguished psychiatrist, to our team of healthcare professionals. Dr. Dixon brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our hospital, reinforcing our commitment to providing comprehensive mental health services to the community and beyond.


Dr. Peter Dixon studied medicine at the University of Queensland in Australia before returning to Canada to specialize in psychiatry. Upon completion of residency, he is looking forward to starting inpatient and outpatient psychiatry in Goderich. His approach to mental health focuses on early recognition and treatment, with special attention paid to a person's unique personal, cultural, and environmental contexts. He is interested in combining evidence-based therapeutic approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, with pharmacology as needed to manage symptoms to help clients identify their values and then develop goals, strategies, and the confidence to live their lives with health, happiness, and meaning.


The addition of Dr. Dixon to our team reflects our commitment to addressing the growing need for high-quality mental health care in the region. Mental health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, and Huron Health System is dedicated to ensuring that individuals in our community have access to the best possible care.


Dr. Dixon’s expertise will contribute to the expansion and improvement of our psychiatric services, allowing us to offer a wider range of treatment options for various mental health conditions. Patients can expect personalized and evidence-based care delivered with empathy and understanding.


“On behalf of the Board of Directors of Huron Health Systems it is a privilege for me to welcome Dr. Dixon to our Psychiatry Team”, said Glen McNeil, HHS Board Chair. “Providing Mental Health supports to Huron County residents is a priority for HHS.”


"We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Dixon to Huron Health System. His arrival represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide exceptional mental health services to our community and the surrounding region. With his wealth of experience, he will play a key role in enhancing our capabilities and ensuring that individuals receive the care they need," said Jimmy Trieu, President & CEO.


"As the proud mayor of our vibrant community, I extend a warm welcome to Dr. Dixon, our esteemed new psychiatrist”, stated Trevor Bazinet, Mayor of Goderich. “In a world where mental well-being is paramount, your arrival brings a beacon of hope and healing to our residents. Together, let us foster a city where compassion and understanding thrive, as we work hand in hand to build a healthier and happier tomorrow for all."


As part of our ongoing commitment to mental health, Huron Health System will continue to invest in resources, programs, and partnerships that support the overall well-being of our community. We believe that Dr. Dixon's contributions will have a positive and lasting impact on the mental health landscape in the region.


Huron Health System welcomes new psychiatrist to enhance Mental Health services

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