Registration Services

Service Summary

Our Registration Department includes the Switchboard and Admitting Services.


The Switchboard Service is the information center for the hospital.


Switchboard staff complete all Emergency visit registrations and most registrations for Diagnostic Imaging. They provide clerical and billing services for the outpatient areas, and maintain files for all outpatient and emergency patients.


Switchboard staff are responsible for coordinating communications and redirecting incoming calls to AMGH staff. Switchboard staff dispatch 911 fire calls and announce all emergency codes within the hospital.

The Admitting Service staff are responsible for processing all admissions and discharges at AMGH. This includes the allocation of beds, organization of blood transfusions when ordered, registration of day surgery cases, booking of pre-operative testing and confirming booked appointments for surgery.



519-524-8689 ext. 5410




Admitting – 07:00am to 3:00pm, Monday to Friday

Switchboard - 24/7

Preparing for your visit

  • Please bring your Health Card for each visit, ensure it is a valid Health Card, otherwise a fee will be charged.
  • Please bring requisitions for tests you may be having
  • Please wash your hands upon entrance to the hospital
  • If you have a cough, please put on a mask (available at front and emergency entrances)

Additional Resources

To learn more about Health, visist Canadian Health Network and Health Canada

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