Community Psychiatric Services

Community Psychiatric Services

Service Summary

Community Psychiatry Services (CPS) is a mental health outpatient program committed to providing evidence- based care to those individuals with serious mental illness who are 16 years of age and older.

The services are located in Goderich, Exeter, Wingham, Clinton and Seaforth.


Referrals can be made by psychiatrists, physicians, social service agencies and consumers. To refer to one of our psychiatrist please have your
family doctor fax a request for consultation to 519-524-8513. All referrals receive an assessment to determine the treatment options that best meet the goals of the client and referral source.

CPS provides consultations and assessments, as well as offering a variety of evidence- based treatment modalities, including individual and group therapy, and psychosocial rehabilitation.

CPS has a collaborative relationship with primary care physicians and other community based services. CPS services are time limited. Upon completion, individuals are referred back to their community care provider.




Monday- Friday


Community Psychiatric Services are located in our Goderich, Exeter, Wingham, Clinton, and Seaforth offices.


Service is accessed by calling our intake number at (519) 524-8316 or (1-877) 695-2524, Fax (519) 524-9349



Intensive Case Management Brochure

Intensive Case Management Referral Form


Community Psychiatric Service Brochure

Community Psychiatric Service Referral Form (community agencies)  

Community Psychiatric Service Referral Form (family health teams)  


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