Executive Compensation Framework

In response to the Ontario Government’s Executive Compensation Framework Regulation, established under the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act, the Alexandra Marine and General Hospital (AMGH) has prepared a draft Executive Compensation Program. Since Executive Compensation in the Broader Public Sector has been frozen for the past eight years, the AMGH Board of Directors have developed this Program to enable our Hospital to attract and retain talented and innovative senior leadership.

The Program applies to three Executives at AMGH; the President and Chief Executive Officer, Vice President Corporate Services/Chief Information Officer and Vice President Clinical Services/Chief Nursing Executive. As mandated by Government Regulation, the Executive Compensation Framework includes the following elements:
• Executive Compensation Philosophy;
• Designation of Executive Positions;
• Identification of Comparator Organizations and supporting rationale;
• Market Data for Comparator Organizations;
• The AMGH Executive Compensation Program.

Link: Executive Compensation Program

Link: Government Regulation & Guidelines for Executive Compensation

We invite members of our community to comment on the Program and provide feedback by e-mail to Alana Ross, Executive Assistant (alana.ross@amgh.ca) or by Canada Post to the attention of AMGH Board Chair, Alexandra Marine & General Hospital, 120 Napier Street, Goderich, ON. N7A 1W5. Paper copies of the Program are available at the Administration office, Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. The public consultation phase is required for 30 days and all responses must be received by April 9th, 2018.

Once the public consultation phase is completed, AMGH is required to submit the final proposed Program to the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care, along with a summary of the public comments and any revisions to the Program resulting from these comments. Final approval for the implementation of the Program will be confirmed by the Ministry.

The AMGH Board is committed to providing a competitive Executive Compensation Program that will ensure we can recruit and retain senior leadership to oversee a sustainable quality healthcare service at our Hospital

Mike Niglas
Board Chair
Alexandra Marine and General Hospital