Executive Leadership Team

Executive Leadership Team


CEO and President

Bruce Quigley

Phone: (519) 524-8689 ext.5711

Email: bruce.quigley@amgh.ca


Executive Administrative Assistant
Alana Ross

Phone: (519) 524-8689 ext.5712
Email: amgh.administration@amgh.ca


Chief Nursing Executive/ Vice President Clinical Care Services

Samantha Marsh

Phone: (519) 524-8689 ext. 5715

Email: samantha.marsh@amgh.ca



Chief Information Officer/Vice President Corporate Services

Jimmy Trieu

Phone: (519) 524-8689 ext.5713

Email: jimmy.trieu@amgh.ca 

Director of Finance/Health Records

Sulav Pant

Phone: (519) 524-8689 ext.5704

Email: sulav.pant@amgh.ca


Human Resources Advisor

Peggy Byrne-Carter

Phone: (519) 524-8689 ext.5720

Email: amghhumanresources@amgh.ca




Administrative Assistant (Clinical Care Services) / Communications

Jennifer Yule

Phone: (519) 524-8689 ext.5716

Email: jennifer.yule@amgh.ca

Administrative Assistant (Corporate Services) / Systems Development

Abigale Hoy

Phone: (519) 524-8689 ext.5714

Email: abigale.hoy@amgh.ca



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