General Visitor's Information

General Information


Our cafeteria is located in the basement and visitors are welcome. Cafeteria service is provided Monday to Friday from 09:00am–10:30am and 11:30am–1:15pm. Vending machines are available in the cafeteria during daytime hours. There is a beverage machine located in the outpatient waiting area adjacent to ER. For your convenience a change machine is also located in the outpatient waiting area.



A family member or friend should take you home after a Hospital stay. Please make sure that you have after-care instructions, prescriptions, medication, and follow-up appointment information. If you are unsure about anything, please consult staff before you leave.

You may need care after your discharge from the Hospital. The Hospital staff will assist you to decide on the available services that will best meet your needs.


Environmental Sensitivity

The Alexandra Marine and General Hospital will provide measures for the protection of patients, medical / dental / midwifery staff, staff, volunteers and visitors regarding environmental sensitivity exposure. In recognition for the potential risk to sensitive individuals, it is necessary to evaluate, eliminate or minimize such exposure. The procedure for dealing with individuals with environmental sensitivity will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Wearing perfume or perfumed products should be kept to a minimum
  • Latex balloons are not permitted within the Hospital. Balloons manufactured from alternative materials (i.e., Mylar) are acceptable
  • Please refrain from bringing strong smelling flowers into the Hospital
  • Smoking is not permitted on Hospital property


Fire Drills

The Hospital conducts regular fire drills to ensure staff are efficient in an emergency. Don't be alarmed if you hear or see this happening. When you hear the fire alarm please remain where you are. The Hospital staff may direct you to another location. The term the Hospital uses for Fire Drill is “Code Red” – this will be announced after you hear the fire bells and you will hear the location the fire/ drill is in. Once you hear the “ALL CLEAR” over the public address system, you may continue with your normal activities.


In addition, the Hospital conducts regular drills for other emergency situations. You will be instructed if there is any action you must take.

Flowers and Gifts

Flowers sent to you will be delivered to your room. 


Latex balloons are prohibited from the Hospital due to risk of allergic reaction by patients and staff.


Gifts of food, fruit and candy may be a welcomed gift, however should be checked with the Nurse in Charge to make sure that the gift is appropriate and does not contraindicate patient care or treatment.


Our parking is very limited for staff and visitors, patients are asked to leave their cars at home. Visitor parking is free and is available around the Hospital.


We have several accessible designated parking areas at the Emergency entrance and the front entrance. There are several parking areas designated for Dialysis clients for easy access.


Patient Feedback

Alexandra Marine and General Hospital is committed to serving your health care needs in the most caring and effective way possible. We want to ensure that your experience at Alexandra Marine and General Hospital is as pleasant and professional as possible, and that you walk away not only healthy, but happy.

With that goal in mind, we want to make certain that you have your feedback recorded, both during and after your visit. We care what you think. Your comments help us continue to provide high-quality care and service to you and our community.


To share your feedback about your stay with Alexandra Marine and General Hospital, you may contact us by phone at 519-524-8689 ext. 5271 or by email at or visit

Public Washrooms

Public washrooms are located on the 1st floor across from the main elevator and two newly renovated wheelchair accessible washrooms off the Emergency Department waiting room. AMGH is committed to ensuring its programs and services are completely accessible to all members of the community.



AMGH is committed to providing a healthy, safe environment for our staff, patients and visitors.


We have a responsibility as a healthcare organization to be role models by developing and supporting policies in the best interest of health and wellness. In support of this vision, smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Hospital including the Hospital grounds and parking lots.


All staff, physicians, volunteers, students, patients, visitors and the general public, contractors and other individuals conducting business on Hospital premises are expected to comply with this policy. Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Wireless Internet Access

Wireless internet is available for patients and visitors throughout the Hospital. Patients and visitors can access our wireless by connecting to the "AMGH" wireless network from their laptop, smartphone or any wi-fi capable device. This is a "pay-for" service so users must enter a credit card number and purchase service for a specified period of time. The IT Department cannot support any equipment that is not owned by the Hospital. Patients or other members of the public who are having difficulties with their laptop or other wireless device, must contact their own technical support party and not the Hospital IT Department. Service will be used at your own risk.