Patient Information

Patient Information 

Discharge Information

A family member or friend should take you home after a Hospital stay. Please make sure that you have after-care instructions, prescriptions, medication, and follow-up appointment information. If you are unsure about anything, please consult staff before you leave.


You may need care after your discharge from the Hospital. The Hospital Staff will assist you to decide on the available services that will best meet your needs.

Patient Meals

Meals are served at set times each day. We have a standard menu for all diets; patients have a choice of hot or cold meal items and hot beverages for all meals. If you have specific requests, please notify the food services staff and they will do their very best to accommodate your wishes. Extra fresh fruit and beverages are available upon request. In the event you require a special diet or have concerns about your meals, please ask to see the Dietitian or the Food Service Representative.


Room Amenities


Alexandra Marine and General Hospital recognizes that patient care involves support from family and friends.

AMGH patient e-mail service is a free service that offers the opportunity for loved ones to keep in touch during a Hospital stay. To use this service, simply fill in the boxes below with your message and patient's formal name. Your e-mail will be printed and delivered to your loved one.


Conditions and Notes of Patient E-mail

  • Patients are unable to send replies to correspondence they receive while in Hospital.
  • The service is not to be used for obtaining medical advice, for urgent matters and/or for contacting and/or communicating with health care professionals: These e-mails will be deleted from the system.
  • E-mails are received into a general hospital e-mail account.
  • Do not send sensitive and/or private subject matters, as e-mails may be viewed by Hospital staff.
  • E-mails are delivered once per day by staff and/or volunteers.
  • Greetings will only be delivered to patients who are registered in the Hospital's registry system. E-mails to patients who have been discharged, who have been registered under a different name and/or requested to not receive messages, will be deleted.
  • The Hospital is not responsible for misdirected, lost or accidentally deleted e-mails.
  • The Hospital reserves the right to review incoming patient e-mail for inappropriate content (profanity, alarming or offensive information.) E-mail containing such will be deleted.
  • We are unable to confirm delivery of any e-mails.
  • Attachments are not permitted and will be deleted.

E-mailing patients at AMGH is a one-way service only. Please do not expect a reply.


Incoming mail will be delivered to your room daily. Any incoming mail received after your discharge will be sent to your home address.

Outgoing mail may be left at the nursing station or with the business office.


There is a telephone service available in most rooms. In consideration of other patients, it is requested that incoming calls not be made after 9:30 pm


Long distance calls must be made COLLECT or charged to your personal long distance calling card number. There is also a public pay telephone located on first floor, by the front entrance.


HealthHub TV Services

HealthHub is proud to provide access to TV services for patients at Alexandra Marine and General Hospital. To purchase service, patients and family members have the option to:


  • Activate services online
    • Go to (link here)
    • Select your hospital, and bed location, and choose your desired service package 
  • Activate services by phone
    • Simply dial 1-866-223-3686 from any phone outside of the hospital during call center hours to activate services for loved ones or family members
    • If dialing from within the hospital using a beside phone, dial 9 before dialing 1-866-223-3686


Payment is accepted by Visa, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, American Express, and Visa Debit.


  • Rental Pricing (before tax):
    • Daily rental: $14
    • Weekly rental (Buy 5 days, get 2 days free): $70
    • Monthly rental (Buy 15 days, get 15 days free: $210



AMGH is a "No Smoking" facility and is committed to providing a healthy, safe environment for our staff, patients and visitors.


We have a responsibility as a healthcare organization to be role models by developing and supporting policies in the best interest of health and wellness. In support of this vision, smoking is prohibited in all areas of the hospital including the hospital grounds and parking lots.


All staff, physicians, volunteers, students, patients, visitors and the general public, contractors and other individuals conducting business on Hospital premises are expected to comply with this policy.


Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Wireless Internet Access

Wireless internet is available for patients and visitors throughout the hospital. Patients and visitors can access our wireless by connecting to the "AMGHGuest" wireless network from their laptop, smartphone or any Wi-Fi enabled device.


The IT Department cannot support any equipment that is not owned by the hospital. Patients or other members of the public who are having difficulties with their laptop or other wireless device, must contact their own technical support party and not the Hospital IT Department. Service will be used at your own risk.

Spiritual Needs

If you require the services of a pastor or priest, please notify the nurse, who will make arrangements.

Who are you?

We need to be sure! Alexandra Marine & General Hospital is committed to Patient Safety. As a result, we have adopted a policy of verifying who you are by the means of two separate identifiers. These identifiers are unique to you, so when two of them can be verified, we know we have the right person.


Any combination of two of these:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Birth Date
  • Your Unique Hospital Number
  • Your Health Card Number

Why two different identifiers??

  1. To identify you as the patient for whom the service or treatment is intended.
  2. To match the service or treatment to you.


When we always verify your identity, even when you have been here many times before, we haven't lost our minds. We are doing our part to keep you safe.